Superbia: Early Concepts

In the life of any creative, some ideas come and go on a weekly basis and some are determined to stay for the long term. For me, a fictional setting called Superbia is one of those ideas. While I’m still determining how best to bring this story to life, here are some of the basics:

In the atompunk supercountry of Superbia, humanity has achieved atomic success alongside the various other species who inspired the world’s mythology. A man with horns is running for President. Ice giants stand in front of you in line at the supermarket. However, all is not well with this brightly-colored world of the future, as Secondary Species struggle for privileges humans can take for granted, while a police force of automatic knights are becoming increasingly harsh on the populace.


An Introduction to Wandering Creatures


My name is William Wellman, and I’m a visual thinker.

Every person has a different way of expressing their thoughts. For some it’s music, or dance. Animation or cinema. For me, it’s old-fashioned pen and paper (and occasionally a digital tablet.) It’s been that way as long as I’ve lived. It’s been my dream to make illustration and design my occupation, and it’s one I’m excited to pursue.

I’ve traveled the world, capturing it in writing and photograph as well as on beaten-up sketchbooks in threadbare backpacks. Originally from Alaska, I grew up in Germany, and eventually moved back to the rocky shores of northern New York. My dream would be to sustain myself fully from freelance work, and live the post-university years of my life wherever my feet take me, while filling the world with characters and stories that say something and make a difference.

I wouldn’t say life is easy for me, but then again, few people would. Pursuing what you love in life inevitably includes sacrifice and a lot of work. I try to make the choice daily to view life as an adventure, to try the unknown and leave the limits of my comfort zone, and encourage others to do the same. It’s why I’m chasing my dream.

My name is William Wellman, and everyday I’m pursuing the creative life.

Thank you for wandering with me.